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The Road to FREEDOM
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 JDM Driving School
"The Road to FREEDOM"
Serving Learner Drivers in all parts of Sheffield since 1993
All our instructors are FULLY QUALIFIED. All our cars are purchased NEW and maintained. All our instructors have from 6 to 23 YEARS experience and all receive re training EVERY YEAR.
40 lessons with a cheap instructor is a more expensive than 30 lessons with a good one
0114 258 9872
Also: 0114 263 6146 during weekdays
JDM are a Sheffield based driving school with high standards, experience and an excellent reputation. Please call us and be assured that most calls will be answered throughout the day and most evenings and weekends by humans and not by answering machines or robots.
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The Road to FREEDOM

JDM Driving School
54 Thorpe House Road
Sheffield, S8 9NT
0114 258 9872

Are you planning to learn to drive in Sheffield? JDM Driving School have been the road to freedom for hundreds of new drivers in the Sheffield area. Our driving school was established in 1993 and has grown to be one of the larger Sheffield based driving schools with a choice of male and female driving instructors.
All JDM instructors are experienced and fully qualified. Our team serve all areas of Sheffield and the surrounding towns and villages.
Our fair and competitive prices and our determination to be BETTER than the rest are your guarantee that with JDM, you will get real value.
Please browse this site or contact our office for a free information pack


0114 258 9872

driving lessons in sheffield, driving schools in sheffield, driving lesson in sheffield, driving instructors in sheffield, driving school in sheffield, driving instructor in sheffield

On this page we ask you a simple set of questions and provide an online entry form so you can then email us the correct answers and earn the chance to win 10 hours (approx equal to £200) of driving lessons from JDM. We also reveal past winners of similar competitions
First Name**:
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Your Answer:
(** Required Fields)

Answer the questions on this page and submit your answers using the form above.
If you are unable to enter by using our online form, please email your details and answers to:  comment
10 hours of lesson vouchers equal to 10 or even 11* hours with a JDM instructor. There is NO OBLIGATION for the winner to use these vouchers or to make any purchases.
(*The first lesson for beginners with JDM is half price, so a one hour voucher can be used for a 2 hour first lesson. See Prices Page for conditions of 2 for 1 offer.)
To enter the current competition, see central column on this page and use online form at the top of this page. You may make multiple entries but only one correct entry per email address will be accepted and you must visit this page separately on each occasion. This competition is designed to increase traffic to our website and enhance our search engine listings.
All entrants will receive notification of who won providing your contact details are correct.
A new competition will appear on this page soon after the closing date of the previous competition.
Please enter the new competition as soon as possible

Competition 1/5/15 to 31/8/15
Answer question 2 below using the online form on this page. 

We will save your contact details and all correct entries will be pasted on to paper and the winner will be drawn by a neutral 3rd party in front of witnesses.

If you cannot use the online form, please answer question 1 and 2 and send your entries by email to us.
The winner WILL be sent 10 hours of driving lesson vouchers by post. Genuine prize worth around £200.00 if purchased from us.
To enter please answer the following 2 Questions-
Question ONE:
What is the digital meter reading for this page? (You do not need to answer this if you are able to use the online form - above). Email entries must answer this as we must have proof you have visited this page. (The dial is above the text to the left)
Question TWO: The Main Question!
On a Motorway, you will find Red Studs along the hard shoulder, Green Studs at Exits and Entrances and White Studs separating the lanes.

But where will you find the Amber Studs?

A: On the reverse side of the white studs
B: Near to Speed cameras
C: Alongside the central reservation
D: Where Motorways Merge
E: When passing places of interest

Match the correct answer to the question and your answer will be included in the prize draw.
If you're the only correct entry or if your name is drawn from several correct entries, YOU WILL WIN a prize that we currently sell for £210.00

Someone entering this competition WILL WIN 10 hours of lesson vouchers in September, 2015.

Why not YOU?

Best Wishes
The winner will be notified and vouchers for lessons sent by post.
Please use the online entry form at the top of this page, giving your contact details and your answers using the letters shown next to the option, for eg; D
Each answer submitted will receive an auto reply and each correct answer will receive an email of confirmation from the proprietor of JDM

If you feel your answers are not reaching us using the online board, please send an email to the address shown elsewhere on this page and include the numbers on the dial shown on this page as proof of when and if you visited our page. Multiple entries using the same contact details or duplicated page numbers will be rejected.
DEADLINE for this new competition: 31st August, 2015. The winning entries will be printed on slips of paper and drawn at random from a bag by a third party unconnected with any of the entries or with JDM Driving School
The previous competition has now closed. It ran from the 1st January until the 30th April, 2015.

We asked you to match the names of modern landmarks in Sheffield with places that were there before the newer things were built.

Only 15 people gave us correct and valid answers

We took these names on slips of paper (Copy and Pasted from the entry forms) and asked Alison Hobson at the Nat West bank on White Lane, Gleadless Townend to randomly draw the winner.

Congratualtions to Mr H Morton of Woodseats (his mother has requested we do not name him or his street) - Your name was selected and you are our WINNER!!!

The winner will be sent 10 x One Hour driving lesson Vouchers
Whether you are already a customer, or someone looking to give someone a great start to their driving ambitions, this and future competitions are a great way to save over £200.00
The vouchers have a cash exchange value of 1p only, but can be exchanged for 10 hours of tuition with any JDM instructor
No entry will be accepted from members of our extended families or associates and employees of JDM and their partner companies - eg: Steve Plain and Yours Virtually
I have supported charities every year since founding JDM. It is hard not to when you name a business after someone who died so young from cancer. The easiest and most cost effective way for us to help a charity is to donate lesson vouchers to raffles and auctions. We are always willing to consider your requests for similar support for your worthwhile project.
Alan Marsden, Proprietor
JDM - The Road to FREEDOM
Please put your entry in the online form above or include it with an email to
If you choose or are unable to submit your entry by the online form, you must include the DIGITAL METER READING of this page at this time. This unique number is to be found above this script and below the online form. This is a website competition and only visitors to the website are valid for entry
VOUCHERS can be used to cover Pass Plus and other Post Test Tuition (See Pass Plus link, above)
Quality v Price 
JDM Driving School are committed to providing top quality tuition from the best driving instructors available in the best cars available.
We believe quality at a fair price is better value than sending inexperienced, unsupervised or even unqualified instructors at cheaper prices.
Those who try us usually agree
Click on the link above to visit our free to enter competition. Just solve the simple riddle and you could save big money on future lessons.
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Please browse this site by clicking on the icons and headers on the upper left side of this page for full details of prices, where we cover and who we are.
Please email us on jdmds@btconnect.com for more information or telephone 0845 601 8685 for a free information booklet with gift
Don't forget to enter our free competition and win 10 hours of driving lessons!
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