JDM Driving School

The Road to FREEDOM
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 JDM Driving School
"The Road to FREEDOM"
Serving Learner Drivers in all parts of Sheffield since 1993
All our instructors are FULLY QUALIFIED. All our cars are purchased NEW and maintained. All our instructors have from 6 to 23 YEARS experience and all receive re training EVERY YEAR.
40 lessons with a cheap instructor is a more expensive than 30 lessons with a good one
0114 258 9872
Also: 0114 263 6146 during weekdays
JDM are a Sheffield based driving school with high standards, experience and an excellent reputation. Please call us and be assured that most calls will be answered throughout the day and most evenings and weekends by humans and not by answering machines or robots.


The Road to FREEDOM

JDM Driving School
54 Thorpe House Road
Sheffield, S8 9NT
0114 258 9872

Are you planning to learn to drive in Sheffield? JDM Driving School have been the road to freedom for hundreds of new drivers in the Sheffield area. Our driving school was established in 1993 and has grown to be one of the larger Sheffield based driving schools with a choice of male and female driving instructors.
All JDM instructors are experienced and fully qualified. Our team serve all areas of Sheffield and the surrounding towns and villages.
Our fair and competitive prices and our determination to be BETTER than the rest are your guarantee that with JDM, you will get real value.
Please browse this site or contact our office for a free information pack


0114 258 9872

driving lessons in sheffield, driving schools in sheffield, driving lesson in sheffield, driving instructors in sheffield, driving school in sheffield, driving instructor in sheffield

Welcome to the JDM Driving School website. We have Eleven pages of information to help you choose your driving school and get the right instructor. We have cleaned up this front (HOME) page and moved the detail to the page marked "background information" and other listed pages. Please scroll up and click on one of the page name icons for more detailed price, test and competition information.
Even if you choose another school or live outside of the Sheffield area, we believe this site will help you with your driving ambitions. Thank you for stopping by...
See our video advert on the Thomason Local guide pages by clicking the link below
In these 12 pages, you will find details about our history, offers and promotions
Home Page: JDM - The Road to FREEDOM
We recruit the best available instructors to save you time and money.
For us, it's all about fairness. We don't think people expect the cheapest price will give the best quality. Customers know this or learn this the hard way. We therefore aim to give the best possible quality for the fairest possible price. We think this is REAL VALUE!
A Good Question?
When you compare a JDM instructor to a rival, maybe you could ask where was the other driving instructor last year or the year before?
There are so many NEW and INEXPERIENCED instructors around, that chances are the rival will have been in a completely different career in the last few years. At JDM, every single one of our instructors has been fully qualified for several years (min 7 years right up to 20) and no one has been with JDM for less than seven years.
Click on "FAQ", above or send an email from the "Contact us" page
kind words about our instructors and our service will be slotted in to this website. Why not send yours to me now for publication
For the latest testimonials see our "The JDM Instructors" page (click through from above) or visit our Linkedin profile.
Security Compliant
We have committed to PCI DSS through TRUSTWAVE so you can be assured your credit card details are safe and will be destroyed immediately after processing if saved at all

Telephone Numbers!

We have scrapped our 0808 and 0845 telephone numbers. 

The vast majority of our callers are using mobile telephones so have no benefit from our FREE PHONE and LO-Call non generic numbers. 

From now on please use our 0114 lines as shown

for example:

0114 258 9872

None of our 08 numbers will now connect you to JDM driving school

Book Today and you could be eligible for two hours for the price of ONE!

At JDM, the first session is half price to any learner who has not previously taken a practical driving test (anywhere in the world) does not hold a full licence (Including foriegn, miliatary or international licences) and starts with us before booking their first test. This means even if you have had lessons before you can book TWO hours and pay for ONE with the second hour FREE.

For full details on our pricing structure, click on the "PRICES" icon above this page.
Gift Tokens are available all year round.
FREEDOM is the greatest gift of all, find out more about our great deals for lesson tokens as Gifts, available in any quantity from one hour upwards..
Visit our Prices page to find out more 
We can now give you FREE access to an online Theory Tuition website.
Click on "About the tests" for more information
JDM were founded in 1993. Click on background information for more details
Some pages are undergoing reconstruction, we apologise that not all pages have had their facelifts completed
New Winner
New Competition
Click on WIN FREE LESSONS to see our latest lucky winner and our latest chance to win 10 hours of driving lessons
Our maximum pay as you go price from 1st August, 2015 will be £23.00 per hour. 
This rate will supersede the £22.50 price that was introduced on the 1st of October, 2013 (you will pay less if buying in blocks of 5 hours or more).
See Prices, click on link above
The Jan-April 2015 website
competition has ended. We had just 15  correct and valid entries.
The winner has been drawn and the winner's name is displayed on the WIN DRIVING LESSONS page. 

Their prize of 10 hours of lesson vouchers will be in the post the same day.
Click on WIN FREE LESSONS to visit our competition page and find out who the latest winner is.... 

has now been launched from the beginning of May, 2015 to the end of 31st August, 2015.

Once again a lucky winner will receive 10 FREE HOURS of driving lessons.
meanwhile click on WIN FREE LESSONS (above) to find out who won previous competitions and also to enter the next competition.  YOU COULD be our next winner of 10 hours of driving lessons...
What if you paid a lower price and got less?
Would you be happY?
What if you paid a lot more and got the same as before?
Would that make you smile?
At JDM, I want you to pay a FAIR and COMPETITIVE PRICE and then get MORE than you were expecting.
We want to still be around 15 years from now, we want to learn from the mistakes of the last 18 years and we want you to benefit from our experience
£23.00 for an hour with an experienced 
professional is not expensive. To be picked up and dropped off again, in different places, to be able to pay by cash, cheque or card and to be offerred discounts for block booking and your first lesson... now that's great value
This website:
Please click on the above icons to find out all about us.
Your visit to this website should help you choose the right driving instructor for your son, daughter or yourself.
My team of FULLY QUALIFIED Approved Driving Instructor's (ADI) have gained experience and a good reputation by being good at our job and WE are in this profession because it suits our personality and it is something each of us are good at.. Try us and we'll prove it!
Again and again
Just as we already have to THOUSANDS of Sheffield people JUST LIKE YOU!!

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Whilst it is tempting to keep growing and expanding in to new terriortory, Alan has decided to prioritise QUALITY. This is easier with a smaller and locally based team.
We are changing from an "All Inclusive Franchise" to become a "Roofbox Franchise" during the early part of 2012. We welcome enquiries from ADI's with a suitable car, insurance and reputation
JDM added the services of a Call Centre to handle the enquiries and credit card payments. This ensures a human voice will take all enquiries throughout the day
Great Cars
Great Instructors
Welcome to the JDM website.
We will continue to edit and add more content at every opportunity and hope you will return soon.
Meanwhile, why not try to win FREE DRIVING LESSONS? Just by clicking on the page icon above and trying to solve our latest competition

17th June, 2015.


Driving School
The Road to FREEDOM
Please click on CONTACT US in the box above this page
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information in the meantime.
or why not call us, day or evening,
weekday or weekend
Tel; 0114 258 9872
Quality v Price 
JDM Driving School are committed to providing top quality tuition from the best driving instructors available in the best cars available.
We believe quality at a fair price is better value than sending inexperienced, unsupervised or even unqualified instructors at cheaper prices.
Those who try us usually agree
Click on the link above to visit our free to enter competition. Just solve the simple riddle and you could save big money on future lessons.
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Thank you for visiting JDMSHEFFIELD.COM 
Please browse this site by clicking on the icons and headers on the upper left side of this page for full details of prices, where we cover and who we are.
Please email us on jdmds@btconnect.com for more information or telephone 0845 601 8685 for a free information booklet with gift
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driving lessons in sheffield, driving schools in sheffield, driving lesson in sheffield, driving instructors in sheffield, driving school in sheffield, driving instructor in sheffield